As part of our services, Find Your Branch Genealogy offers a free 30 minute consultation to meet with clients to discuss exactly what they are looking for. Once we decide to work together, Find Your Branch Genealogy does ask that clients sign a short agreement that lets clients know what to expect from each party throughout the time we work together.

For individuals, the cost to build their entire family tree (relatives through marriage, step parents, etc..)  is $750, and for couples looking to build both sides of their family tree, the cost is $1,000.

*If you would like to split payments, Find Your Branch Genealogy requires a deposit of 50% when starting the project, with the remaining balance due upon completion of your family tree.

*While there is no guarantee I will be successful in your search, I will do everything I can to find who you are looking for.

*A DNA test is not required to work with Find Your Branch Genealogy, though in cases of adoption or when someone does not know who their father is, testing is encouraged since it can help break down walls that can’t be figured out by doing traditional research.

DNA Tests And Matches

If you have taken an DNA test and would like help sorting through your matches, this service is $75.00 an hour.

Please e-mail to schedule your consultation for any of the above services.

Printing Out Your Family Tree And Documentation

While sites such as Ancestry does not allow users to transfer trees between two accounts, they do allow you to copy trees from one account to the other. Trees can be created completely in private and do not have to be included in search indexes if the client wishes, though please note that it can take about a month for this to take effect.

As for printing out your tree, Find Your Branch Genealogy recommends two companies for printing your tree on continuous roll paper. The first is Ancestry Graphics and Printing based in Winfield, Illinois. The company prints trees on plain white or colored paper and can include pictures of your relatives if you choose. Trees can be saved as a GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) file, which is sent directly to Ancestry Graphics and Printing. Know that GEDCOM files are text only and DO NOT include photos. Those must be sent separately.

If you are looking for a certain design on your family or a fun template, we recommend going through Family ChartMasters, a genealogical printing company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Providing their customers with a variety of designs to make your family tree one to remember (and look at) I recommend going through them. If you have your own design that you would like to use, you can also do that as well.

Binding/organizing your family history: 

If you would like print outs of family photos, documents, and documentation of dates all in one book, Find Your Branch Genealogy offers putting your family tree into a binder so that you can have your family history organized.

This service is $50.00 an hour.